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Our aircraft, our people, and our syllabus is the best in the business. We are on the leading edge of Multi-IFR flight training and we'd like to invite you to find out why.

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FGDL is the principal training aircraft configured
for complex IFR flight regimes

A Garmin 530 means increased complexity in aircraft avionics. This properly prepares you for real world commercial IFR avionics and workflows.

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The Redbird FMX flight simulator reduces cost, increases multi-engine instrument proficiency and builds emergency procedures competency

Unlike other training schools, Compass West Aviation's Redbird Simulator is custom built, emulating Victoria International Airport and the Beechcraft Baron 55 in their exactness.

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BSR is the fastest aircraft in our fleet

With two bladed propellers, twin 285 HP Continental engines and extended range fuel tanks, this aircraft an exceptional cross-country machine. Autopilot, a Garmin 496 GPS navigation and XM satellite weather; room for 6 doesn't hurt either.

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Another incredible cross-country aircraft
with photo windows, leather interior and IFR avionics opens possibilities

A constant speed propeller, combined with the increased horsepower (180hp) and innovative design of the Cardinal make this a particularly quick single capable of 125 knots or more with nearly 5 hours of endurance

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  • IFR Seminar dates will be announced shortly! ...
  • Garmin's G500 Glass Cockpit on the way! ...

Fundamental Change


"What is needed is an approach where experienced professionals impart their knowledge"

Who is Russ?Russ Ballman is a 16,000 hour pilot for Air Canada and the Principal of Compass West Aviation. Russ has experience in international, regional, and northern operating theatres and types of aircraft such as the Dash 7 & 8, B737, A330/340, B767.

Compass West Aviation is a dedicated multi-engine and instrument flight training centre. We utilize state of the art technologies and techniques to realize the highest level of flight training for the next generation of pilots.

After years as a senior check captain for Canadian Regional, I’ve observed a fundamental gap between traditional flight training and the demands of commercial aviation. New applicants are often thrown into complex flight evaluations with a deplorable level of preparedness, exposing missing essentials.

We are bridging the gap of conventional multi-IFR flight training and the speed and complexity of flying in actual IFR environments. We need a fundamental change in the way we train our future pilots. What is needed is an approach where experienced professionals impart their knowledge, not other students. At Compass West Aviation, every student is given the opportunity to excel by having our entire team engaged in that individual, whilst ensuring that our aircraft and personnel are available to them to train effectively and efficiently.

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Critical engine failures on rotation in low visibility, precision approaches to minimums, formation flying and more.

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