"Beechcraft Baron FGDL, 5100lbs, Garmin 530, and 260HP/side creates the ideal training platform"

speed and complexityA more serious training tool, for those more serious about training

GDL is our primary aircraft used for both Multi and IFR training. The WAAS enabled Garmin 530 is updated with the latest and greatest instrument approaches and procedures every 28 days. This ensures that we always have the capability to fly any of the RNAV procedures in North America during our training. Tracking information is displayed via our King HSI, and supplemented by the information displayed on the screen of the 530 itself. Being equipped with the remainder of a Standard avionics suite, including two VOR's with Glide Slope, (one HSI, one standard VOR/ILS) an ADF/RMI and DME ensures that we have all options available to us at all times.


Blending the old with the new avionics allows us to prepare you for anything. Whether you are sitting behind state of the art glass, or the most basic of IFR steam driven setups, you can feel confident that you will have all the skills necessary to operate a safe aircraft.