FMX-1000 Full Motion Simulator


"RedBird FMX 1000, a Group 1 & 3 certified IFR full-motion platform in a 14X16 room, on 120volts"

Every scenario is possible.In the RedBird, you can satisfy the 'what if' scenarios all day long.

The RedBird is an integral part of flight training at Compass West. Certainly the first steps you take as a student will be in the RedBird. It is used initial procedural trainer to familiarize you with multi engine and IFR operations. Much like the airlines, before you do something in the airplane, you will master it in the simulator. This approach develops and strengthens the fundamentals in the simulator, and uses the aircraft as a proving ground, thus keeping training costs down.

The RedBird allows us to target specific exercises, focusing only on what needs work. Maximizing the number of training events, while minimizing time is the name of the game. Having trouble with the single engine ILS? We can fly 6 back to back in 30 minutes, with varying wind and weather conditions. Need to master your hold entries? Do a session in the RedBird without any wind and solidify your skills.

Has your Instrument rating expired? It's been a while since you shot your last approach? Or maybe you want to take a practice run at an approach you've never done before. This is where the RedBird really shines! Fully certified by Transport Canada to perform Instrument Rating renewals, the RedBird, in conjunction with the staff at Compass West, will have you current again in no time. We have a number of different aircraft panels to meet all of your needs, from Garmin's G1000 to a traditional C172 with standard instruments.

At Compass West the emphasis is on pilot proficiency. It is especially important for those that have not flown regularly or have a new Instrument rating to keep proficient. We accomplish this through a quick simulator session approximately once a month. Designed to be a challenging experience, you will be assigned your mission a few days or a week in advance to ensure you have an opportunity to prepare. Compass West takes pride in ensuring that you will gain the necessary skills for becoming a safe and proficient pilot.